Public Announcements


Meet the New SFCLT Board!

At the Annual Membership Meeting SFCLT General Members elected Bruce Wolfe and re-elected Grace Martinez, Sari Karet, and Justine Marcus. Lessee Members elected Geoff Diesel and re-elected Shalaco Sching. And everyone cast their votes for the Public Representatives and elected Leonor Melara & Cheyenne Martinez-Boyette and re-elected Michael Spalding! 

At the Board Meeting following the Membership Meeting the SFCLT Board elected Deborah Strom as a Lessee Member Representative to fill a seat made vacant by Thomas Lee when he stepped down from this position. Thomas no longer works or lives in an SFCLT Building and was no longer eligible for this role. The Board then elected Thomas as a Public Member Representative to fill a vacant seat. If you have questions please reach out to Bruce Wolfe, our new Board President, at  

Here is the full break down for the new SFCLT Board! 

General Member Representatives:
  • Justine Marcus
  • Grace Martinez
  • Sari Karet
  • Bruce Wolfe


Lessee Member Representatives:

  • Deborah Strom
  • Geoff Diesel 
  • Shalaco Sching
  • Michael Rouppet


Public Member Representatives:

  • Leonor Melara
  • Cheyenne Martinez-Boyette
  • Thomas Lee
  • Michael Spalding 


After the SFCLT Meeting the new Board met and elected their new Officers! 
  • Bruce Wolfe was elected President
  • Grace Martinez was elected Vice President
  • Cheyenne Martinez-Boyette was elected Treasurer
  • Shalaco Sching was elected Secretary 


Don't forget Board meetings are open to members. The times and location are posted on our website. Drop into a Board meeting or send your rep an email to let them know why you elected them!